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100 Years of Carl Zeiss Binoculars

150 Years of Carl Zeiss (History)

1947 Export Fair in Hannover

1980 Talk by Hubert Nerwin (Cameras)

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A Nettar B (Cameras)

A 1963 Visit to Zeiss Ikon in Stuttgart (History)

A 25 mm Topogon finder

A 60mm Zeiss Telescope

A Black Contax II

A Brief History of the Microscope

A Carl Zeiss Telescope

A Carl Zeiss Telescope

A Century of Carl Zeiss Camera Lenses

A Contaflex Prototype

A Contaflex Prototype

A Contax -Dedicated Exposure Meter

A Contax horror story

A Contax III Factory hybrid – 1988 article revisited

A Cosmic View From Earth – Zeiss Planetaria

A Hybrid Zeiss/Ross Lens (Cameras)

A Military Mast Telescope

A Modern Art of Technology, Jena’s Optical Museum

A Multipurpose Monocular

A New Concept: The L-Stand (Microscopes)

A new Contax-mount rangefinder camera (Cosina)

A New Zeiss Binocular

A new Zeiss Ikon – and new Zeiss M mount lenses to go with it

A sentimental journal to Dresden and Jena

A Short History of Zeiss Binoculars

A strange 436/70 view finder – precursor of 440 finder

A strange Nazi Contax

A Tale of Two Zeiss Microscopes

A Visit to Oberkochen (History)

A Voice from 1937 (Camera/Photographic Retrospective)

A Walking-stick Telescope

A Zeiss Album from the Thirties (History)(Cameras)

A Zeiss Folding Stereo Telescope

A Zeiss Rangefinder for the Czar’s Army

A Zeiss/B&L Stereo Microscope

Abbe: A Rare Glimpse (History)

Adding to the Wonders of Jena – Zeiss Planetaria

Advertisements from the 1930’s (Cameras)

Advertising Zeiss Ikon’s Films

After Dresden: The migration to Jena & Kiev (cameras)

Alexandar Smakula (History)

Alfred Gauthier, Calmbach 1902-2002

All Zeiss Ikon All the Time! (Cameras)

Americans and Russians at Jena

An Optical Gear Tooth Micrometer

An Unusual Contax I

Anonymous Zeiss Ikon Cameras

Another Contaflex Curiosity

Another Contax Identification Method

Article Commentary

August Nagel and the Retina

Automobile Headlights from Carl Zeiss

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Basic Guide to Vintage Zeiss Microscopes

Battling Binoculars

Best "pattern binoculars" for the British Royal Flying Corps

Bestellnummern Revisited (Cameras)

binocular family Zeiss binoculars – preferred instruments for birdwatching??

Book Review – "If Only I Had My Camera" – 1939

Book Review – German Military Optical Technology

By Any Other Name (Cameras)

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California Museum of Photography (Cameras)

Camera Identification Systems

Carl Paul Goerz (1854-1923) (History)

Carl Zeiss (Oberkochen) transmitted light Microscopes in the 1960s

Carl Zeiss in the Netherlands

Carl Zeiss Jena Binoculars

Carl Zeiss Jena Binoculars (Zartarian)

Carl Zeiss Jena Binoculars of WW II

Carl Zeiss Jena lenses for Contax after Thiele

Carl Zeiss Jena low-ower binocular Magnifiers

Carl Zeiss Jena Photo Department 1945 Report

Carl Zeiss Jena Photographic Lens Production Figures

Carl Zeiss Kamera (Camera) Register 1902-2012

Carl Zeiss Microscope Catalogs

Changing Times, new styles for Zeiss Ikon Advertising

Charivari (Cameras)

Christie’s Catalog Surprises (Camera Prototypes)

Cold Weather Symbols – More Evidence (Binoculars)

Comparing the Prewar Leica and Contax Part I

Comparing the Prewar Leica and Contax Part II

Confirmation of the Contax IV

Contaflex 126: My Internet Journey

Contaflex 126: The story continues

Contaflex SLR instruction books

Contamatic? – Bessamatic? (Cameras)

Contarex and Contax RTS, Comparing the Lenses

Contarex prototypes

Contarex prototypes Part II (Black versions and Stereos)

Contax – Clovermeter and Knurling Questions

Contax – The Birth of the Name

Contax & Leitz turn signals

Contax CGCM Camera

Contax Chronicle

Contax Curiosities

Contax G-1: Return of the Rangefinder

Contax I – Mysterious Version 7

Contax II & III film flatness

Contax Military Cameras

Contax Prototype Viewfinder

Contax SLR Cameras

Contax SLR Cameras

Contax SLR cameras Alexander Schulz (a book review)

Contax T – Up to Date in Camera City

Contessa – The jewel from Zeiss Ikon

Contessa trademarks

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Development of Ikonta and Super Ikonta Part 1

Development of Ikonta and Super Ikonta Part 2

Diaasembly of the Super Nettel I (Cameras)

Diesel Engines from Zeiss Jena

Dr, Kurt Michel (History)

Dr. Erhardt Glatzel (History)

Dr. Rudolph Straubel (History)

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Early Zeiss Microscopes

Early Zeiss Surveying Instruments

Emanuel Goldberg (History)

Ernemann’s Advertising Stamps

Ernst Abbe and the (Zeiss) Foundation (History)

Ernst Abbe Jena Logo

Ernst Abbe, a man ahead of his time

Ernst Wandersleb (History)

Exclusively Zeiss Ikon

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Fernrohrlupen (Binoculars)

Filling the Gaps in Zeiss History

Follow-up on “starred” camera body serial numbers

Fritz Jakobsmeier – a Zeiss apprentice

From binoculars to microscopes

From draft to model: The first steps toward the Contax S

From Syntax to Praktina

Further Nettar Nattering (Cameras)

Further notes on the Tenax

Further Thoughts on August Nagel

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German Optical Codes (Military Optics)

Giant Contax in Philadelphia

Grind Another Ground Glass (Cameras)

Guido Mengel: An Appreciation

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Hans Sauer (History)

Happy Birthday, Tessar

Hartmut Thiele’s Fabrikationsbuch Photooptik Carl Zeiss and the real world

Heinrich Ernemann (History)

Heinrich Valentin Erfle (History)

Heinz Kuppenbender’s role in Contax history

Henry Ford II’s Contax III

Hensoldt 7×56 Military Binoculars

Hensoldt in Wetzlar (History)

Hensoldt, but not Hensoldt (Cameras)

Hensoldt’s Baby Microscopes

History of the Dresden Photo Industry (Book Review)

How good are the prewar Zeiss lenses

Hybrid Contax III/IIIa and dual range exposure meters

Hymn to a Small Camera

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Identifying Contaflex I Variations

Identifying the Contax I

Ikoflex Cameras

Ikoflex III

Ikonette: The first Zeiss Ikon camera

Important Zeiss Books (History)

In Search of the Contax IV

In the Footsteps of the Zeiss Theodolite D

In the House that Abring Built (History)

ISO Reporter (Cameras)

Ivory Postwar Contax II and Lenses Surface in Europe

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Japanese Photographic Objectives (History)

Jena At Last (History)

Jena’s Optical Museum

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Kaprelian Files: Other Contax Shutters

Kaprelian Files: Zeiss Lens Collection – three examples

Keeping the Tradition (Telescopes)

Kiev Cameras

Kodak Zeiss Ikon and Camera Style

Kolibri 1930-1932 (Cameras)

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Large Zeiss Observatory Telescopes in USA

Lens Curiosities from Jena (Cameras)

Longevity of a camera design (Ica)

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Matters arising (commentary on prior articles)

Meyer Megoflex (Cameras)

More on Carl Zeiss Jena Binoculars (Zartarian)

More on Contaflex I Variations+

More on Quality Symbols

More on the Contaflex I

More on the Great Contax Mystery

More on Zeiss Binoculars

More on Zeiss Tele Lenses for Rollei TLRs (Cameras)

More Zeiss Books – Reviews (History)

Moritz Von Rohr (History)

mystery Zeiss Viewfinder

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New Beginnings in Stuttgart (History)

New Light on German Optical Codes (Military Optics)

New Publications-History of Contax ’32-’62 & Spiegel-Contax

New Shutter & Tapes for a Zeiss Miroflex

New Work for an Old Tenax (Cameras)

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Odd numbering of Carl Zeiss Jena Contaxes

Other Dummy Contax I’s

Otto Schott

Otto Schott

Otto Schott (History)

Otto Schott, an innovative glassmaker

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Paul Rudolph

Paul Rudolph’s Photographic Lenses

Pencils and Pipes are not always what they appear

Photographs by Ernst Wandersleb (pre-1910)

Pitfalls in Contax Collecting

Polygons, Arcs & Ikons (Camera Design)

Postwar Contax Viewfinders

Postwar Hand-Held Binoculars from Jena

Postwar Stereo Device from Carl Zeiss Jena (Cameras)

Postwar stereo devices from Carl Zeiss Jena

Pre-Zeiss Ikon Camera Design

Preserve or Restore (All Collectibles)

Prewar and postwar stereo devices from Zeiss Ikon

Prewar Contax Viewfinders (Part I)

Prewar Contax Viewfinders (Part II)

Prewar Zeiss Ikon 35mm (Cameras)

Prime Quality Symbol (Binoculars)

Products from Zeiss Vienna (Binoculars)

Prototype Lenses for Contax, Contaflex & Contarex

Punktal Lenses (Eyeglasses)

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Quartermaster Forward This Instrument to Jena (Binoculars)

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Remembering Zeiss Ikon

Reminiscences of Zeiss Ikon with Wolf Wehran (History)

Rene Ahrle and his artistic poster designs

Restoring an ANSALVENLO (Telescope)

Retrofocus Lenses – why they were invented

Review: On the Trail of the Contax, Vol. II

Revisiting Hensoldt (Binoculars)

Rifle Telescope sights from Zeiss

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Siegfried’s Journey (History)

Sixteen Contax lens cap variants

SLR Contax of 1949

Some Contax Notes 1984

Some Unusual Zeiss-Ikon Cameras

Stereo devices from Kiev

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The 1927 Zeiss Ikon Camera Catalog

The Aseros

The Astro Department (Telescopes)

The Astronomical Department’s First Catalog – 1899

The Barringer Lens List

The Birth of Zeiss Ikon (History)

The Black Contax II Is Not a Myth.

The Bombing of Jena (History)

The C Sonnar F/1.5 50 mm T* ZM

The Canadian $100 Banknote

The Challenge of Wide-Angle Lenses in the Early Contax

The Coburg Connection

The Contaflex and the Teleskop (Cameras)

The Contarex Book – a review

The Contarex Family of Cameras

The Contarex Super and Super Electronic

The Contax Bayonet Lens Mount

The Contax I and its "pimple" versions

The Contax IV Prototype

The Development if Lens Coating (History)

The development of the Ikonta and Super Ikonta (I)

The early observatory telescopes of Carl Zeiss

The Early Postwar Development of Zeiss Microscopes

The early postwar years at Carl Zeiss Jena (Jena Contax)

The Ercona Family

The Ergo (Cameras)

The F/1.5 20 cm Sonnar

The Four Horsemen of Microscopy

The Goerz Works 1945

The Herar

The Icarette-Ikonta Connection (Cameras)

The Ikoflex III – almost a Veraflex

The Jena Contax: Brief History and Spotters Guide

The Jenaflex AM-1 and the Jenaflex AC-1 (Cameras)

The Kinamo movie camera

The Lehrlings (History)

The lens coating patent by Zeiss (T coating)

The Mikrotar macro lenses

The Movikon 16 System (Cameras)

The new Zeiss Ikon camera and lenses (Cosina)

The No-Name Kiev

The Oberkochen Optical Museum 1983

The Olympia Sonnar (Cameras)

The Optovar

The Original Contax focal-plane shutter (Cameras)

The Planar

The rare Tengoflex

The Rise and Fall of the C.P. Goerz company

The Seven Wonders of Jena – a Pictorial (History)

The Simplex 511/2 Zeiss Ikon’s only bakelite camera

The Super Ikontas

The Super Ikontas (Cameras)

The Tenax

The Tenax I and its Successors (Cameras)

The Tenax II – some interesting novelties

The Tenax X-Ray Camera

The Tengoflex

The Tessar

The Topogon – A Footnote (Cameras)

The Topogon Story Episode Three (Cameras)

The Topogon Wide-angle (Cameras)

The Trail of the Contax continues

The transition from the Flektoskop to the Flektometer

The Triotar

The UHU: An owl’s eye for your camera

The Voigtländer Prototype 132 – The camera that might have changed the world

The Werra – the design miracle from East Germany

The Werra: Some Interesting rarities

The Zeiss – Gullstrand Slitlamp

The Zeiss Cartel

The Zeiss Ikon Contaflex TLR

The Zeiss Ikon twin lens Contaflex

The Zeiss Neophot (Microscopes)

Thiele’s Fabrikationsbuch revisited

Three early Zeiss Apochromats

Tiny Trademarks (Cameras)

Tracking the Nettar 516 (Cameras)

Turmon Monoculars

Turn-Of-The-Century Zeiss Binoculars in England

Two Carl Zeiss Departments (Measuring Instr.)

Two Compurs for the Contaflex I

Two interesting ZIAG cameras

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Unusual Zeiss Microscope Objectives

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Walter Bauersfeld (History)

We’re certainly not afraid of Zeiss, Barr & Stroud (binoculars)

Werra: Ingenuity Behind the Iron Curtain (Cameras)

What the Wonder Camera saw from the Cologne Cathedral

When Carl Zeiss Jena Meant Eisfeld

Who Invented the Contax

Wica & Unica: Experimental Cameras from Jena

Wolfgang F Jacobi (History)

WWII German Manufacturers Codes

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Yet more on the Tessar in 39 mm thread mount (not Leica gauge)

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Zeiss – The Postwar Years (History)

Zeiss & Ross, London & Mill Hill (Binoculars)

Zeiss 300 mm F/4 lenses: A visual history

Zeiss Abroad (History)

Zeiss and Bausch & Lomb Chronology (History)

Zeiss and the Teleater (Binoculars)

Zeiss Bausch & Lomb Binoculars (History)

Zeiss binoculars – The early years

Zeiss Binoculars London Debut

Zeiss by Mail (History)

Zeiss Codewords (Telescopes)

Zeiss Filters

Zeiss Four Meter Stereo Rangefinder

Zeiss Galilean Field Glasses

Zeiss Historica Society Annual Meeting, 2001 (History)

Zeiss Ikon 1926-1971

Zeiss Ikon and Dr. August Nagel (History)

Zeiss Ikon and Television: Fernseh AG

Zeiss Ikon and the Third Reich

Zeiss Ikon at the Fleetwood (Cameras)

Zeiss Ikon Baby Cameras

Zeiss Ikon Barometer from Goerz

Zeiss Ikon Camera Catalogs

Zeiss Ikon Camera Identification System

Zeiss Ikon camera production (1926 – 1945)

Zeiss Ikon Catalog Numbers (Cameras)

Zeiss Ikon catalog publication numbers

Zeiss Ikon Contaflex TLR

Zeiss Ikon Film Sizes Codes

Zeiss Ikon folders with "starred" serial numbers

Zeiss Ikon Logo – Designs as Historical Evidence

Zeiss Ikon Safelight (Cameras)

Zeiss Ikon Serial Numbers 1926 to 1939 (Cameras)

Zeiss Ikon Small Lab Instruments (Measuring Instr.)

Zeiss Ikon Stereo Equipment

Zeiss Ikon, Roots & Origins (History)

Zeiss Ikon, The Golden Age Part 2 (History)

Zeiss Ikon: The Golden Age Part 1 (History)

Zeiss Ikon’s First Postwar Camera Family

Zeiss Ikon’s Last Hand Held Meters (Cameras)

Zeiss Ikon’s Photo Bedarf (Accessories)

Zeiss Ikon’s Statistical Machine

Zeiss Ikon’s Zeitlupe (High Speed Cine Camera)

Zeiss in Dresden

Zeiss in Hungary (History)

Zeiss in the Netherlands I

Zeiss in the UK, part 1

Zeiss in the UK, part 2

Zeiss in the USA after World War I

Zeiss Jena 10 x 70 H, an unknown member of the H binocular family

Zeiss Jena Lenses for Exacta & Praktica Cameras

Zeiss Leica Mystery Lens

Zeiss Lenses in Leica screw mount

Zeiss Locks

Zeiss Magnars (for Rollei TLRs)(Cameras)

Zeiss Mechanical Measuring Instruments

Zeiss Medical Instruments

Zeiss Memoirs (History)

Zeiss Microscope Adorns Bank Note

Zeiss Microscopes on Stamps

Zeiss Neophot

Zeiss Notizen

Zeiss on Everest (Cameras)

Zeiss Optical Measuring Instruments 1883-1983

Zeiss Photo Exposure Meters

Zeiss Photographic Firsts (Cameras)

Zeiss Planetaria

Zeiss Precision Gauge Blocks

Zeiss related Printers’ blocks

Zeiss Rollei-Mutars (Cameras)

Zeiss Serial Number Sequence (Binoculars)

Zeiss Sonnar Lens in Leica Mount

Zeiss Stereo Microscopes (non identical twins from Jena and Oberkochen)

Zeiss Super Ikonta B

Zeiss Tele Tessar 30 cm f/8

Zeiss Tele-Microscope

Zeiss Telescope at Augustana College

Zeiss Telescope Production in Jena

Zeiss Telescopes – Bergedorf’s Hamburger Sternwarte

Zeiss Theater Binoculars

Zeiss Trademark (History)

Zeiss turret terrestrial binocular telescopes

Zeiss Universarium (Planetarium)

Zeiss Wooden Tripods

Zeiss: The Post-War Years