A Modern Art of Technology, Jena’s Optical Museum

Published in Autumn 1995 Zeiss Historica Journal

Author: Dr. Helga Beez

See Page 8 – 11.

The former Zeiss Optical Museum was renamed Jena’s Optical Museum in 1991 when the political situation after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the beginning of German unification brought the situation to a different political time and the former Carl Zeiss Stiftung ceded the ownership of the museum and its contents to a new entity named the Ernst Abbe Stiftung since the former VEB Carl Zeiss Jena was dissolved and the components of that entity was now revised to reflect the multiple new firms that were a part of the new era in Jena. Zeiss Oberkochen would be a major member of their board of directors but Jenoptik and other firms were as well.

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