Membership in the Zeiss Historica Society includes receiving the Zeiss Historica Journal twice yearly via mail as well as a copy of a significant reproduction of a Zeiss catalog or other similar memorabilia at the beginning of each membership year. Membership is $40 for US postal addresses and $50 for all others. The price difference is based on mailing cost. We also try to schedule an annual meeting to discuss subjects of interest to the membership and schedule relevant speakers.

New members also receive a copy of a unique research document. It is a collection of all of the product numbers used by the firm of Zeiss Ikon for all of its camera products. For a true Zeiss Ikon afficionato, this alone is worth the price of membership. See the publications page for a fuller explanation.

If you are interested, please complete the membership form, print this page and and send it to our Secretary with your first year’s dues. Our mailing address is