Important Zeiss Ikon Personalities

Pages about important Carl Zeiss and Zeiss Ikon personalities. The name and a short description follow for each person listed which will link you to a web page inside of our website that will cover that personality, provide a biography and illustrate some of his accomplishments.

Hubert Nerwin – Important Designer of Zeiss Ikon cameras from the Golden age of Photography.

Dr. Erhard Glatzel – Important Designer of Carl Zeiss Optics and key player in the modernization of optical Design.

Professor Emanuel Goldberg – still under development but an early picture of the professor is available.

Edward K. Kaprelian – American optical expert and custodian of the Zeiss lens collection.

Dr. Heinz Küppenbender – Photographic designer, and senior management for both Zeiss Ikon and Carl Zeiss, Jena and Oberkochen.

Dr. Ludwig Bertele – Lens designer extraordinare for Zeiss Ikon Contax and other cameras.