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Zeiss Serial Number Sequence (Binoculars)

Published in Spring 2000  Zeiss Historica Journal

Author: Jack Kelly

See Page 7 -9

The author analyses the rational behind the serial number sequences with regard to the Zeiss prism binocular models, describes a series of different external characteristics found in a particular model based on markings, differences in eyepieces and different prism covers.

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Revisiting Hensoldt (Binoculars)

Published in Spring 1993  Zeiss Historica Journal

Author: Nicholas Grossman

See Page 11 -13

A summary of a visit to the Hensoldt factory in Wetzlar in 1992 and discusses the history of Hensoldt and Zeiss and how the Wetzlar location took over the manufacturing of all Zeiss designed binoculars in 1964. There is also a discussion of the relatively new 20 x 60 S product which had the first mechanical stabilizer in a modern binocular.

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