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The Voigtländer Prototype 132 – The camera that might have changed the world

Published in Spring 2004 Zeiss Historica Journal

Author: Bernd Otto

See Pages 18 – 21

This prototype camera was far beyond the specifications for the Contarex or any other known camera in 959 but because Zeiss Ikon had invested so much in the Contarex, Voigtländer was not permitted to go forward with this design prototype by Dr. Küppenbender who headed the Carl Zeiss Stiftung.

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A Contaflex Prototype

Published in Spring 1983 Zeiss Historica Journal

Author: Hans-Juergen Kuc

See Page 3.

An early reference to a prototype camera marked Contaflex but obviously one for the eventual Contarex Bullseye camera of the post war period.  Since it is a prototype, it is not fully representative of the ultimate production camera . Now some 30 years later, other prototypes of the period have not really been found.

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Prototype Lenses for Contax, Contaflex & Contarex

Published in Spring 2001 Zeiss Historica Journal

Author: Dr. Joachim Kämmerer

See Page 2 – 5

This is a presentation that the author made to the 1989 meeting of Zeiss Historica in Oberkochen where he demonstrated a series of lenses that were made in prototype form for the mentioned cameras but due to costs, anticipated difficulty in manufacturing or a sense of the market kept them from becoming production lenses. There were some significant possibilities and some surprising trademarks.

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