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Basic Guide to Vintage Zeiss Microscopes

Published in Spring 1981 Zeiss Historica Journal

Ronald K. Walker

See Page 9.

This was an early guide to the family of microscope manufactured by Carl Zeiss Jena. It is a one page narrative with some small illustrations. It was amplified some years later (2008)by a full sized book on this subject entitled, “A Survey of Zeiss Microscopes 1846 -1945” by Lawrence Gubas.

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A Zeiss/B&L Stereo Microscope

Published in Autumn 1989  Zeiss Historica Journal

Author: Fred Matthies

See Page 12 – 13.

The author illustrates a Greenough designed stereo microscope built upon the patent of Ernst Abbe’s prism binocular. It was used for the purposes of mining engineering. It bears the trademarks of Carl Zeiss Jena as well as the Bausch and Lomb mark combining Zeiss, Saegmuller and Bausch and Lomb. Normally this microscope would have been made under license from Zeiss by Bausch and Lomb but in this case, it was imported and sold by Bausch and Lomb.

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Hensoldt’s Baby Microscopes

Published in Autumn 1983 Zeiss Historica Journal

Author: Charles Gellis

See Pages 4 – 5.

A discussion about the design and features of the ultra-small field microscopes manufactured by the Zeiss “daughter” firm of Hensoldt  in Wetzlar. Illustrated are the “Tami” and “Super-Tami” of the pre and post World War II period.

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A Brief History of the Microscope

Published in Autumn 1985 Zeiss Historica Journal

Author: Dr. Wolfgang Pfeiffer

See Page 6 – 10

An explanation of the different kinds and types of microscopes for the non-user/collector of such instruments with early illustrations of pre-Zeiss models and the theory of the microscope as defined by Professor Ernst Abbe.

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