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The Movikon 16 System (Cameras)

Published in Spring 1998  Zeiss Historica Journal

Author: Charles Barringer

See Page 8 – 11.

The author discusses the leap forward in replacing the Kinamo movie camera in 1935 with a model that had interchangeable lenses, a rangefinder system and accessories galore. Zeiss Ikon’s leadership in professional cinematic devices come to the amateur in a great way.

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Zeiss Ikon’s Zeitlupe (High Speed Cine Camera)

Published in Spring 1996  Zeiss Historica Journal

Author: Larry Gubas

See Pages 8 – 10.

Zeiss Ikon predecessor developed a specialized movie camera for taking images at such a fast pace that it became an industrial tool to map scientifically very fast moving processes and playing them back in “slow motion.” Zeiss Ikon would improve upon the first design for use at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.


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