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Prototype Lenses for Contax, Contaflex & Contarex

Published in Spring 2001 Zeiss Historica Journal

Author: Dr. Joachim Kämmerer

See Page 2 – 5

This is a presentation that the author made to the 1989 meeting of Zeiss Historica in Oberkochen where he demonstrated a series of lenses that were made in prototype form for the mentioned cameras but due to costs, anticipated difficulty in manufacturing or a sense of the market kept them from becoming production lenses. There were some significant possibilities and some surprising trademarks.

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Kaprelian Files: Zeiss Lens Collection – three examples

Published in Spring 2005 Zeiss Historica Journal

Author: Larry Gubas

See Pages 15 – 16

The author was permitted to review the files of Mr.Kaprelian and found original Signal Corps photographs of part of the Zeiss Lens Collection. Three of these lenses never came to production but were designed for the Contax camera: the Perimetar, the Spaerogon and an untrademarked fish eye lens.
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