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Zeiss Ikon and Television: Fernseh AG

Published in Autumn 1995 Zeiss Historica Journal

Author: Michael Buckland

See Page  17 – 19

In 1929, Zeiss Ikon became involved with a joint venture with other German firms in an effort to develop television in Germany. Professor Goldberg was primary in starting this effort but the effort passed on to others after he was removed from the firm. This article covers the venture and the early efforts in this project which operated under a separate firm named Fernseh, AG.

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The lens coating patent by Zeiss (T coating)

Published in Spring 2004 Zeiss Historica Journal

Author: Peter Hennig, Milos Paul Mladek

See Pages 22 – 23

A modern evaluation of the 1934 invention of multi-coating by Dr. Alexandar Smakula. It is far more diverse and advanced than one would expect. It was hidden until 1940 when the patent was finally approved. Until then, it had been a German state secret.

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