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Carl Zeiss Jena lenses for Contax after Thiele

Published in Spring 2006 Zeiss Historica Journal

Author: Sean McSharry

See Pages 19 – 21.

The author turns to the Thiele spreadsheets to help analyse the huge increase in manufacturing of photographic lenses during the late war years and the fluctuation of trained staff in light of the leaving of the temporary foreign workers, the loss of staff due to the staffing of the military, the loss of high level staff to Oberkochen, Russian 5 year contracts for workers to train new workers in Russia and their untimely return those 5 years later (circa 1951).

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Prime Quality Symbol (Binoculars)

Published in Spring 1988  Zeiss Historica Journal

Author: Nicholas Grossman

See Page 9.

After World War II and the taking of the Carl Zeiss Jena factory by the state of East Germany, the government sanctioned the use of a special symbol of the number 1 superimposed on a larger “Q” to symbolize and especially high quality product. The term used was “Prime Quality.”

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Zeiss Stereo Microscopes (non identical twins from Jena and Oberkochen)

Published in Spring 2007 Zeiss Historica Journal

Author: John Schilling

See Pages 2 -4.

The author (a former member of the Zeiss US staff specializing in microscopes) compares two microscopes that came out as new models from both Carl Zeiss Oberkochen and VEB Carl Zeiss Jena in the years immediately after the war. The East German variety was known as the Citoplast and the West German as the Zeiss Opton (later Carl Zeiss) Stereo Microscope. In many respects these two instruments were virtually clones which means that the design was begun in Jena during the war and someone carried it to West Germany in their memory bank. These models were replacements of the Greenough or X stand. They were not identical but clearly from the same parentage.

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